Our facilitated workshops, programs and conference sessions range from one hours to two days in length, and can be combined and tailored to meet your needs. All programs are supported by materials and resources that participants take away as part of their ongoing development and application.

Leadership Foundations

This one day program (or two half days) provides a broad coverage of key leadership principles, along with chances to practice, reflect and plan for further development. It's targeted at front line to mid level leaders, and covers:

  • Leadership and motivation - working to define what great leadership is and isn't, the factors that motivate people at work, and our role in aligning the motivation of others to the needs of the organisation

  • Leadership styles - the six main leadership styles, their impact, and when they're most appropriate (including a self-assessment of preferred styles)

  • Coaching and feedback - focusing on the long-term development of our people (including time to practice a coaching model)

  • Focus and resilience - why the current workplace is so challenging, and what we can do to improve our focus, productivity and resilience (including reflection on the operating environment in the organisation and action planning for further development)

Influential Leader Program

Achieving results through people requires influencing. The Influential Leader Program focuses on strategies and techniques for enhancing leadership impact. Topics include:

  • Influencing strategies

  • Levels of listening

  • Assertiveness

  • Confidence

  • Difficult conversations

  • Social perception - the factors people use to judge one another

  • Presentations

Coaching Leader Program

Coaching is a core technique for developing talent. The Coaching Leader Program uses the GROW (Goals, Reality, Options, Will) coaching model as a framework, while providing practical tools and application guidance. Topics include:

  • The objectives of coaching

  • Establishing clear goals to increase clarity and commitment

  • Levels of listening

  • GROW coaching stages

  • GROW coaching questions

  • Coaching practise

  • Assertiveness

Change Leader Program

Leading change is a part of daily life in all organisations. The Change Leader Program helps leaders to have the confidence to guide and lead others through change, increasing motivation and commitment. Topics include:

  • The predictable reactions to change

  • The four stages of change

  • How leaders can help guide people through change

  • The daily disciplines of great leaders

  • Monthly meeting structures

Resilient Leader Program

Leaders are facing greater pressure than ever before, requiring more resilience to sustain performance. The Resilient Leader Program provides practical tips on building resilience. Topics include:

  • What resilience is, and the characteristics of resilient leaders

  • The role of motivation in resilience and wellbeing

  • Crafting a personal vision

  • Stress, recovery and optimal performance

  • Managing emotions when under stress

  • Practical and research-based techniques to build resilience

Team Workshops

Our team workshops range from one hour to full day sessions. Sessions often include the use of tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other team-role questionnaires to help ground the session. They include a combination of theory and practical exercises that involve the team working together. Topics include:

  • The stages of team development

  • Establishing norms

  • How people differ

  • Tailoring our approach to the needs of others

  • The unique strengths we each bring to our teams

  • The benefits of having a diverse team

  • Working more effectively together

  • Building resilience

  • How we communicate and make decisions

Conference Sessions

The topics Andrew covers in his facilitated programs and workshops can also be tailored for your next conference. Andrew has experience both chairing and speaking at conferences on a broad range of topics. Andrew’s conference experience includes:

  • National Leadership Psychology Conference (Melbourne 2012) - chairperson

  • National Leadership Psychology Conference (Melbourne 2013) - chairperson and speaker

  • Talent Management Innovation Forum (Melbourne 2013) - chairperson and speaker

  • Loyalty Summit (Mumbai 2015) - keynote speaker, panel moderator

  • National Leadership Psychology Conference (Melbourne 2015) - speaker

  • CMA Conference (Gold Coast 2016) - speaker

  • APM Conference (Sunshine Coast 2017) - speaker

  • Global Leadership Summit (Melbourne 2018) - host and facilitator - Melbourne site

Whether it’s 10 people or 300, Andrew’s enthusiastic, engaging and entertaining style is sure to connect well with your conference attendees.

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